Art is the Universe

Art is the Universe © Graeme Walker 2020

  1. The Universe is all things
  2. A thing is something that exists, an existent
  3. An art-work is any human-made thing defined as an art-work
  4. Every art-work points our attention to one or many things
  5. We call these things Art
  6. A thing becomes Art when an art-work points at it
  7. All things become Art when an art-work points at them
  8. “All things are Art”
  9. Art is all things and the Universe is all things
  10. The Universe is Art, Art is the Universe
1. Specifically it is all things and the things contained. As the Universe is also a thing, it also contains itself.
2. If it can be named, imagined, conceived of, perceived or defined, it is a thing. In this way, even that which cannot exist can be a thing; even nothing exists.
3. Art-works are often called Art for short. This is incorrect.
4,5. In this we understand that Art and an art-work is not the same thing.
6,7. An art-work is a Human method for identifying a thing, or several things as Art.
8. This statement is an art-work.
9, 10. QED