Flag. Installation. Rotterdam Vlaggenparade. 2007.

I raise the flag of independence, as any human can.

In coloured fabric; the international size;
I could tell you what each shape means,
But I’ve tried to forget this decade past;
I took it to the flag museum and they had an empty pole;
And for a moment I flew above the nations,
And caught the wind.

The Universe does not recognise the state as God;
Human is born as any living thing:
Naked, stateless, sovereign.
My flag is big enough for a swaddling blanket, or shroud.
At that time I needed to feel something,
So had it tattooed onto my arm
And in doing so, had to commit myself to it.

I am wed to it -
Not to its shape, or form, or symbols;
Not by the fact of it being a flag, or what flag’s mean;
Not by its implied statement,
Which while cosmically true,
On our Human scale, is scarcely relevant, or attainable.
It’s the intention, to what I’m wed;
And that which it points to:
It is a candle lit for agency,
Manifest from within.

Flag. Fabric. 200x150cm.